Link Love: 3.21.13

link love

Source: Jon Burgerman and Kirsten Becken

• We’ve all tried out hobbies (and careers) that didn’t work out but that’s part of the journey. I love Joy’s post about hers.

• Brands on Twitter should take this advice to heart.

• I’ve been seeing the Kate Spade x Keds collaboration everywhere and this gif makes me want them even more.

• File organization is so important! If you’re curious about implementing a system, here’s some great advice.

• Learn how to make easter egg terrariums.

• Type Fight features a face-off between two designers creating their vision of the same letter. It’s really interesting to see how different the outcomes are!

• The history of emoticons!

• The Atlantic has compiled photos of Iraq 10 years after the war began.

• Amanda Genther asks the question what are you really selling? And it might not be what you think!

• Free Desk Here is an initiative where agencies worldwide offer up a free desk in their studio to a designer in need of a spot. What a cool idea!

• Looking for a good laugh? Check out this photo timeline for cell phones which oddly runs from 1980 to 2026.

• Information graphics have never looked to pretty!

• If you’re a fan of using TeuxDeux to keep your life organized, it’s just been revamped with even more features.

• A look back at the original McDonald’s menus with a lot of history squeezed in along the way.

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