Link Love: 3.14.13

link love


• In her Freelance Matters series, Kathleen just wrote a really insightful post that asks us to consider, “Who are you working for?”

• The future of customer service: these companies are getting it right.

• Sometimes, shoes really are more than just shoes. I loved reading this story about Nicole’s quest for pointy-toed sneakers that were part of a much bigger life story.

• It’s really no surprise that teens are getting tired of Facebook.

• The New York Times laments that a world without work isn’t quite as perfect and utopian as we imagined it would be.

• Looking for some new iPhone app recommendations? Gala has a great list that will help both your sanity and productivity.

• If you work from home but miss the interaction of an office atmosphere, Jess Lively has a solution.

• As a creative, how do you avoid getting caught in the rabbit hole of inspiration?

• I loved getting a peek inside painter Laura Jones’ studio, full of gorgeous floral paintings. So inspiring!

• A day in the life of a freelance journalist in 2013 is not as pleasant as we’d hoped.

• Free resources to improve the look of your blog.

• If you’re interested in artistic animated gifs, Patakk is your place!

• Interior and textile designer Catlin Wilson is so young but has accomplished so much and openly discusses how she balances work and a family.

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