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The Week In Pictures: 3.29.13

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

Wowza, what a week!!! It’s been a little quiet around these parts because Kat and Gala landed in my fair city Tuesday night and since then, it’s been completely, totally nonstop. We’ve been running around like madwomen from 9 am till 11 pm every day, picking up sponsor items from the post office, spilling coffee, visiting the finest establishments of Portland’s underbelly, revamping our workshop presentation with even more fresh content, shopping our way through Portland’s most eccentric vintage stores and of course, hanging out with my quite entertaining family. Our favorite photographer trio Made U Look arrives from LA today and then we will be in full-on workshop mode all weekend at The Ace. Exciting times around here!

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

Tuesday was a big day for us. We did a live stream event for The Blogcademy and had a great time answering viewer questions about both business and blogging. I’m not a big fan of video but sometimes you just have to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and go with the flow. We blew bubbles (Gala’s idea, of course!), somehow Gene Simmons came up in the conversation and before we knew it, an hour and a half had passed! Honestly, once you’ve done one live video, it feels a whole lot less intimidating and I can’t wait to do it again.

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

There’s nothing like showing company around your city — it really forces you to adjust your eyesight and notice all the details you overlook on a daily basis. I spent yesterday taking the girls around S.E. Portland and they loved all the kooky colored houses, adorable independent restaurants and of course, the ridiculously cheap vintage shopping. I told them Portland was good!

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

I’ve walked past this mural dozens of times and never stopped. Like I said, having visitors helps to open your eyes!

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

Last night, we joined my family at the Kennedy School. It seemed quite fitting having drinks in the Detention Room of the converted grade school! Kat and Gala got to meet my grandparents, who they immediately fell in love with. The feeling was mutual – my grandparents, who live up in the mountains, loved Kat and Gala’s eccentric accents.

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

This has been the perfect week to show my friends around down, since Spring has sprung. Everything is in bloom and the weather has been beautiful (you know how rare clear skies are around these parts!)

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

And with that, I’m out — report cards and graduation certificates have been filled out, goodie bags are packed and our presentation polished. We’re packing our bags now for the fun times that await.

Have a great weekend, everyone! And, if you want to keep up with even more snippets and snapshots, feel free to follow along on Twitter and Instagram.

Link Love: 3.28.13

link love

Peggy Moffitt modeling Rudi Gernreich by William Claxton

• Four ways to overcome the fear of starting your business.

• Typographica rounds up its favorite typefaces of 2012 and best of all, you can click through and buy on the spot!

• I had to read the opening paragraph of this 58 year old male shopaholic’s story twice: In the last few years, he’s bought eighty-one leather jackets (including a $22,000 coat). And much, much more. Over half a million dollars worth!

• As a designer, should you ever participate in crowdsourcing? My thoughts are included!

• Having an open mind and a willingness to take chances will take you far.

• Looking for ways to organize your wardrobe? Here’s a roundup of visual inspiration.

• I’m fascinated by these geometric monograms that were created by French Goldsmith and Stylist Jean Puiforcat.

• 10 ways to get the most out of workshops and events.

• If you own a company, maybe you need one of these stamps by your side!

• This interview with blogger Victoria Smith of SFGirlByBay is super duper inspiring.

• I love Kathleen’s new column, Weekend Reading, a link roundup of intriguing, thought-provoking content.

• What does success really look like?

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Join Us Today For The Blogcademy Digital Q&A!

The Blogcademy Digital Q&A

How’s your week going so far? Kat and Gala arrived in Portland late last night and we’ve been excitedly prepping for The Blogcademy digital party we’re throwing this afternoon. You’re invited and tickets can be purchased here!

This event is ideal for any of you who can’t make it to one of our live workshops but still have blogging and business questions you’d like answered. It’s also great for those of you who aren’t sure if The Blogcademy is right for you and want to get a small taste of what it’s all about.

To join us today, simply purchase a ticket here and tune in live at 1pm PST / 4pm EST! And if you’re not free to watch then, you’ll have access to the recording forever.

If you have a question you’d like to have us answer, feel free to do so during the live stream or to make sure we don’t miss you, tweet or email us at beforehand.

And remember, we’re giving away a Blogcademy goodie bag to one lucky viewer! You’ll receive a custom tote (your pick of the L.A. or Portland design), packed to the brim with awesome things including our exclusive workbook.

Get your questions ready and we’ll see you (digitally) very soon! And, if you’d still like to join us at our Portland or LA workshops, resister here and we’ll fit you in.

Latest & Greatest #16: Kate Spade Saturday

Latest and Greatest

Latest & Greatest: Kate Spade Saturday

Truth be told, I’ve barely been bothered to shop (beyond house-related items) since I returned from Europe two months ago. We’ve been very busy remodeling since the new year and I’ve had little time or interest in perusing the web in the name of fun and personal consumption.

But, all that shifted in a quick moment last week when I laid eyes on Kate Spade Saturday. A new lower-priced diffusion collection, it’s bright, mod and overflowing with two of my favorite things: stripes and yellow.

Latest & Greatest: Kate Spade Saturday

It’s very rare for me, but sometimes, do you come across an item, a collection or an entire store that feels like it was pulled directly from your stream of consciousness? Like you’ve been dreaming up specific items for years and then suddenly, they’re in existence, right before your eyes? I’m feeling that way about Saturday at the moment. I love the fun, youthful simplicity of their products.

Latest & Greatest: Kate Spade Saturday

And, not only are their offerings fun but I’m equally enamored by the bold colors, patterns and grids of their graphic design. All around awesome.

Have you checked out Saturday yet? What do you think?

The Week In Pictures: 3.22.13

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

How was your week? All I can say is…I’m so glad it’s Friday! No matter how hard I’ve pushed through, I’ve felt completely underwater this week. With good things, though! On Tuesday, we launched The Blogcademy world tour and the response has been really strong — Melbourne is one seat away from selling out (that’s at a faster rate than our first class in NY) and I can’t wait to visit Australia later in the year.

Besides that, I got to visit a letterpress place I’ve long admired, KeeganMeegan & Co. to pick up a client project and I hope to have more to share on this soon. The outcome was impeccable and has inspired me to dream up some new self-initiated projects.

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

To a certain extent, i’ve always loathed flower patterns, in part because growing up in the 80s meant that flowered wallpaper, couches and curtains were standard issue (and not in a good way). Powdery pastels just don’t do it for me! This season though, I’m loving the fresh perspective. Saturated florals over black are something I can get behind and I am a bit obsessed with this ASOS dress.

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

Everywhere I look, I’m noticing amazingly cool Australian magazines. They’ve got it going on these days and I just love this cover of Peppermint. And there’s something incredibly special about handwritten notes — past Blogcademy attendees have sent me some recently and they’re the sweetest. Emails come and go but I hold onto all these notes.

Nubby Twiglet The Week In Pictures

When it comes to my house, I’m constantly merging the high and low (but let’s be real, mostly the low!) and it ties into my philosophy of making a house a home. When there’s something I really want, I’ve gotten to a point where I bookmark it and leave it. And if I’m still thinking about it a month later, it’s on. In my office, I have a knockoff Ghost chair but as with a lot of my graphic, black and white house, the corner felt very cold. So a few months after having this completely insane Anthropologie pillow bookmarked, I took the plunge. Rocky loves it. 😉

And with that, I’m signing off for the weekend. Kat and Gala arrive in Portland early next week and it will be nonstop around before then, doing a lot of last minute housework and lots of errands. Have a great one! xo