Link Love: 2.28.13

link love

A Llama in Times Square by Inge Morath

• The inventor of Pantone talks about how he first came up with the system and it might surprise you!

• No matter how glamorous things look from the outside, remember that freelance ain’t free.

• Good work isn’t enough. People that achieve the most success often share these qualities.

• I loved soaking in this interview: Vanessa Larson quit her stable job, packed her bags and moved to Paris with barely any French under her belt and is prospering in business school there.

• This simple diagram represents how to be happy in business.

• Garance Doré just gave a hugely inspiring interview on The Business Of Fashion and shares how she got her start in blogging and photography.

• When it comes to your freelance business, it’s up to you to set boundaries.

• Why Facebook makes you feel miserable.

• I’ve never seen another blogger post such detailed results of a reader survey! So good.

• Twelve legendary Hollywood stars at home!

• The second edition of Launched! is live, which features links of the latest blog redesigns.

• PHHHOTO is a social photo booth that makes animated GIFs.

•  We’re no longer just consumers because we think we have a much higher calling. We’re connoisseurs!

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