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Link Love: 2.21.13

link love

Source: Erwin Blumenfeld for Vogue, 1946.

• The first New York City Transit Authority manual of graphic standards designed by Massio Vignelli was found in a locker beneath old gym clothes! Such timeless design.

• Think about how you can exist today.

• Photographer Bonnie Tsang recently spent a day in Detroit and her photos are so inspiring.

• I just came across the This Girl column by The House That Lars Built and it’s so good. I love peeking into a tightly curated life, even if it’s imaginary!

• T Magazine Just updated its identity and I sure miss that iconic blacklletter “T”.

• These neon love signs by Tracey Emin in Times Square are pretty awesome.

• I LOVE Kathleen, an all around inspiring woman and co-founder of Braind Creative so when I popped up in one of her dreams, it felt surreal. Plus, I never think about what dreams actually mean so this post was a great primer!

• If you’re in need of a good laugh, read this fictionalized list of unreleased celebrity fragrances!

• Joy reminds us to let go of the bad and let the good stuff that happens stick.

• I love how the “Made in the USA” movement has gotten a makeover.

• Jasmine Star recounts the best things she’s done for her business.

• Taza’s thoughts about unplugging one day a week are really great. I’m just as sucked into checking my social media networks as everyone else and it’s pointless doing it so often.