Link Love: 2.14.13

link love

Source: Maru Alvarez Colodrero for Pitocatalan / Otono.

• Design Sponge has compiled the ultimate guide of social media etiquette and at 7,000 words, there’s a lot to dig into!

• If you’re struggling to figure out your niche as a blogger, Breanna Rose has some advice!

• A new survey has found that most Facebook users have taken a self-prescribed break from the site. The comments here are great as well.

• If you’re a type lover, this decorative letter DIY will be right up your alley.

• When you come across a copycat, how do you react? Do you call that person out? Or, are you already 10 steps ahead with new and exciting work to let it get to you?

• What really goes inside of a corporate Twitter account with four million followers? So surprising.

• Windows of New York is a weekly illustration project by Jose Guizar that reminds us to look up and enjoy the architecture around us.

• If you want to add a Pinterest button to your WordPress blog, Joanna Waterfall has an easy tutorial.

• Have you seen the new app, Over that allows you to add typography to your instagram shots? I’m sensing a new addiction!

• This is a tricky one: How do you tell your clients that you’re raising your rates?

• The interviewee in The Billfold’s A Friendly Chat With a Rich Person comes across as both funny and relatable.

• I’m still warming up to Vine but here’s five ways to make it more fun!

• Andy Warhol was onto something with this statement.

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