Latest & Greatest #15: Liz Taylor and Connecting the Dots

Latest and Greatest

Liz Taylor and Connecting the Dots

It’s interesting how the human mind connects the dots and draws parallels. I’ve been intrigued by the Gabbani Identity by Demian Conrad Design for quite a long time now and it’s obvious why: the graphic patterns, the simple color scheme and yes, the poster of Elizabeth Taylor hanging just so-so in the background of one of the shots is totally up my alley. This branding in particular kept churning in my head and I referred back to it often for inspiration because it felt so perfect to me.

But something kept lingering…it reminded me of something else but I couldn’t quite place it. Then I woke up yesterday morning and it hit me: the Topshop Unique Spring 2012 collection had also used graphic black and white patterns and Elizabeth Taylor. I always say that inspiration is everywhere and I love it when contrasting worlds cross over and inspire us in new, unique ways.

*Sources: and Demian Conrad Design.

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