Digital Portfolio Update: New Projects!

Nubby Twiglet Digital Portfolio Update

Portfolios are a popular topic of conversation with creatives because most of us need them to gain new clients. To this day, my career is heavily reliant on my portfolio. It doesn’t matter how great of a designer you are — whether you’re showing up for an interview or trying to land new clients, your portfolio holds the key to opening up new opportunities. I believe in doing a refresh a minimum of once a year. If you wait beyond a year, the updating process just becomes more overwhelming and easier to put off.

Over holiday break at the end of the year, I got to work pulling out old projects, adding new ones and creating a mix that I was happy with. I am working on a self-hosted portfolio site that will go live in a few months but for the time being, Cargo has been working out just fine. While I tend to keep no more than 10 to 12 projects in my print portfolio, I show a lot more online since there aren’t the same time and length constraints.

Without ado, here are a few recent projects and additions to the portfolio:

Nubby Twiglet Digital Portfolio Update

1. Miss Anastasia Perfume

This project was a dream come true because I got to design everything from the identity to the packaging and collateral for this fragrance. Launched by Olivine, Miss Anastasia features a classic, seductively French visual direction and a great story. Better yet, as someone who usually shies away from perfume, I now carry a vial of this in my purse everywhere I go. I love it that much. Get yours here!

Services: Identity Development, Packaging Design, Splash Page, One-Sheet, Postcards

Nubby Twiglet Digital Portfolio Update

2. Juliane Berry Photography

Photographer Juliane Berry splits her time between Paris and L.A. and I first met her when she shot Gala & I in Paris two years ago. After getting photographed by her, I not only fell in love with her work but as a person as well. Instead of simply shooting us and sending us on our way, she gave us a day-long tour of the city, showing us all the cool, lesser-known sights. Her style is inviting and romantic and I’m so glad to call her a friend.

Services: Identity Development, Web Design (site and blog), Collateral (business cards, stickers, invoice, DVD label). *Responsive development on blog by Star St. Germain.

Nubby Twiglet Digital Portfolio Update

3. Lindsay Taryn Photography

Brooklyn-based wedding photographer Lindsay Taryn wanted an identity that aligned with her modern, free-spirited style. I love that she stayed away from the soft and sweet colors normally associated with the wedding photography genre and instead followed her own uniquely modern path. Once we were finished with her identity and business cards, we created a guide that helps clients know exactly what to expect when hiring Lindsay Taryn for their big day.

Services: Identity Development, Business Cards, Photography Guide

Nubby Twiglet Digital Portfolio Update

4. Rock n Roll Bride

You probably know Kat quite well around these parts now! She’s a friend of mine, part of The Blogcademy and the founder of Rock n Roll Bride! We just gave her digital media kit a facelift for 2013, reworking it to more closely align with the look of her wildly popular print magazine. And, we followed up this project with her revamped website. Go, Kat!

Services: Editorial Design, Production

Nubby Twiglet Digital Portfolio Update

5. The Blogcademy

By far, my proudest moment last year was launching The Blogcademy, a strategy-based blogging workshop with Kat & Gala. Being in charge of all the branding and collateral that included everything from a one-sheet to a workbook to a website was a monumental task but it was important for me to put forth a professional image that complemented the content we worked so hard to craft.

Services: Identity Development, Web Design, Media Kit Design, One Sheet Design, Workbook, Collateral (business cards, stamps, stickers, pins, graduation certificates and report cards)

Nubby Twiglet Digital Portfolio Update

6. Sasha Gulish Photography

Lifestyle photographer Sasha Gulish has such great, energetic images! She came to me in need of a full brand overhaul and we’re still in progress with many projects — this overview only scratches the surface but I love how our outcomes so far convey her sunny, inviting style.

Services: Web Design, Portfolio Design, Print Promos, Web Promos, Business Cards

There are many more projects to check out as well — almost every one has been tweaked and updated in some way. Have a look around!

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