D.I.Y. #3: Liven up Your Plain Accessories!

Kollabora D.I.Y. Wooden Bracelets

Today we’re going to add some life to some simple wooden bracelets! If you have some too-plain accessories lying around, this is a perfect and easy way to add a bit of pizzazz! I had these Kollabora bracelets on hand and decided that sharp lines were the way to go — I also wanted a mix of finishes so the base is matte black while the metallic gold has some shimmer.

Kollabora D.I.Y. Wooden Bracelets

Supplies needed:

1. Bracelets of your choice (we used wooden ones, â„… Kollabora)
2. Two colors of spray paint, one for the base and one for the accent
3. ScotchBlueâ„¢ Painter’s Tape
4. X-acto Knife

Kollabora D.I.Y. Wooden Bracelets

1. First, spray paint your bracelets a solid base color.
2. Once the surface is completely dry, cover your bracelets completely in ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape and trace on your design.
3. Finally, slice out your design and spray with an accent color of your choice.

Kollabora D.I.Y. Wooden Bracelets

All jazzed up and ready to wear!

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