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Link Love: 1.10.13

link love

link love

Photo: Leila Jeffreys

• Great advice over at the NY Times: Be wrong as fast as you can.

• Stop guessing and obsessing. There is no secret. Some things really do just take hard work.

• Thoughts on how the improbable is the new normal:

“Every minute a new impossible thing is uploaded to the internet and that improbable event becomes just one of hundreds of extraordinary events that we’ll see or hear about today. The internet is like a lens which focuses the extraordinary into a beam, and that beam has become our illumination. It compresses the unlikely into a small viewable band of everyday-ness.”

• If you’re looking for an easy D.I.Y. project to spruce up your desk, the geo cardholder is for you!

• Maybe I shouldn’t care so much but I am totally bummed that Tazo has dropped their classic identity for something much more modern and streamlined. I loved the personality of their original packaging done by Portland’s Sandstrom Partners.

• Author Austin Kleon shares his thoughts on selling out.

• Why do we feel more resistance after the new year? Here’s how to get past it.

• If you’re on the hunt for new and exciting web design inspiration, Site Inspire is for you.

• Illustrator, photographer and super blogger Garance Doré opens up and shares everything about how her blog works and makes money. So honest and refreshing!

• If you’re taking awhile to get into the jam of the new year, it’s okay. Chill out and it will come naturally.

• How great is this line of handmade shoes by Tamar Shalem?!

• When you see someone really focused on a project, think twice before you interrupt them.

• 10 essential WordPress security plugins for 2013.