The Typofiles #121: J. Crew Holiday Catalog

The Typofiles: J. Crew Holiday Catalog

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: J. Crew gets me every time. I’m probably not their target customer and I barely own anything by them but sure enough, their catalog shows up on my doorstep every few months and I’m suddenly transfixed by their world…or at least the world they project in their catalogs.

What is it about J. Crew’s branding and offerings that has this certain power and charisma? There’s this sense of inviting cool that I immediately feel when I flip through their catalogs. Nothing’s too fussy. And the type is sharp and on-trend but never overdone. Maybe what draws me in as a from a design perspective is that they manage to strike that elusive balance between classic and trendy. Not too classic that it’s boring but not too trendy that it’s vulgar.

The Typofiles: J. Crew Holiday Catalog

I like the idea of having staying power but without being dull. To me, that’s precisely why J.Crew is so popular. And why I like their catalogs so much. It’s no secret that I gather a lot of design inspiration from flipping through catalogs. If you’re looking for some free inspiration over the holidays, check out my catalog post and sign up for a few of your own. Isn’t snail mail the best?

The Typofiles: J. Crew Holiday Catalog

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