Link Love: 12.6.12

link love

link love

Coco Rocha in Flare

• Matt Haughey penned a great essay on why he loves Twitter and can barely tolerate Facebook and I agree:

“There’s no memory at Twitter: everything is fleeting. Though that concept may seem daunting to some (archivists, I feel your pain), it also means the content in my feed is an endless stream of new information, either comments on what is happening right now or thoughts about the future. One of the reasons I loved the Internet when I first discovered it in the mid-1990s was that it was a clean slate, a place that welcomed all regardless of your past as you wrote your new life story; where you’d only be judged on your words and your art and your photos going forward.”

• What’s the best way to correspond with clients?

• What are the 20 absolute worst places to wait in line at? Now you know.

• 2012 isn’t quite over yet but now you can relive it in photos.

• Kris Atomic just put together some really great winter-themed wallpapers. Download here!

• I can’t wait to check out the upcoming Portland Bazaar this weekend!

• Chalkboard lettering whiz Dana Tanamachi just launched Tanamachi Studio and even more of her beautiful work is showcased.

• I love this downloadable calendar for 2013 where you add your own inspiration for each month. I definitely want to do this — it would be a great way to look back and see how your interests changed throughout the year!

• Want to see a pretty amazing collection of commercial art from 1986? Here you go.

• Just in time for the holidays, make your own clay ornaments.

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