Latest & Greatest #14: New Zara Finds!

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New Zara Finds

I love all things avant garde but I also appreciate good quality basics. Because in a pinch, those are what I reach for most often. Even if I’m wearing a jacket with built-in hip panels, I’ve most likely paired it with sturdy wedges, a black t-shirt and a simple skirt or skinny jeans.

I was a little late to discover Zara in part because Portland doesn’t have a location and I relied on shopping in-person when I was in New York or ordering online (always difficult when you’re not super familiar with a brand’s fit). One of my first Zara pieces was over a year ago when Joey bought me a neon yellow sweater for my birthday which I wore literally a few times a week (and still wear all the time)!

Anyway, I feel like I’ve finally hit the holy grail of basics and I wanted to share. I placed an order a week ago for these boots and this shirt and they are both the bomb (can I say that without sounding very 90s?)

First of all, the wedge boots — they fit exactly to size, the quality is amazing and they are made in Spain (if I’m paying upwards of $200.00 for shoes, they better not be stamped Made In China). Let’s back up to abut five years ago — I’d spotted the perfect Jil Sander wedge boots with crepe soles on Ebay but they were WAY out my price range and I let them go. Well, that could only mean one thing. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and I am STILL obsessed and thinking about those damn boots! So when I spotted these babies on the Zara site at a fraction of the Jil Sander price, crepe wedge soles and all, I made my move.

New Zara Finds

Onto the shirt. I have tons of skirts, jackets and dresses but seemingly no shirts! When I shop, I want fun! Excitement! Intrigue! But let’s get real, shirts are kind of important. I like mine simple and type-covered and this one delivers.

All in all, Zara has really impressed me in delivering good quality basics and accessible prices. No, this post isn’t sponsored — I just want to make more of an effort to share what I love when I feel it’s worthwhile!

So tell me, Where is your go-to place for basics? Because I am definitely in need of more.

While I’d like to imagine wearing sequins and fancy dresses down the street every day, it’s just not my reality.

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