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The Typofiles #120: The Color Printer

The Typofiles: The Color Printer

The Typofiles: The Color Printer

I just came across this amazing printing book and had to share! Still considered to be one of the great guides for letterpress printers, The Color Printer was published in 1892 by John Franklin Earhart after five years of meticulous work. Earhart was an early developer of artistic printing (a movement that focused on incorporating decoration and ornamental type styles) and covers mixing ink colors, embossing techniques, and much, much more in great detail.

The Typofiles: The Color Printer

Best of all, you can view every single page of this amazing piece of history for free right here! It must be said: I love the internet and the ease that it allows us to access gems like this.

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Latest & Greatest #14: New Zara Finds!

Latest and Greatest

New Zara Finds

I love all things avant garde but I also appreciate good quality basics. Because in a pinch, those are what I reach for most often. Even if I’m wearing a jacket with built-in hip panels, I’ve most likely paired it with sturdy wedges, a black t-shirt and a simple skirt or skinny jeans.

I was a little late to discover Zara in part because Portland doesn’t have a location and I relied on shopping in-person when I was in New York or ordering online (always difficult when you’re not super familiar with a brand’s fit). One of my first Zara pieces was over a year ago when Joey bought me a neon yellow sweater for my birthday which I wore literally a few times a week (and still wear all the time)!

Anyway, I feel like I’ve finally hit the holy grail of basics and I wanted to share. I placed an order a week ago for these boots and this shirt and they are both the bomb (can I say that without sounding very 90s?)

First of all, the wedge boots — they fit exactly to size, the quality is amazing and they are made in Spain (if I’m paying upwards of $200.00 for shoes, they better not be stamped Made In China). Let’s back up to abut five years ago — I’d spotted the perfect Jil Sander wedge boots with crepe soles on Ebay but they were WAY out my price range and I let them go. Well, that could only mean one thing. They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder and I am STILL obsessed and thinking about those damn boots! So when I spotted these babies on the Zara site at a fraction of the Jil Sander price, crepe wedge soles and all, I made my move.

New Zara Finds

Onto the shirt. I have tons of skirts, jackets and dresses but seemingly no shirts! When I shop, I want fun! Excitement! Intrigue! But let’s get real, shirts are kind of important. I like mine simple and type-covered and this one delivers.

All in all, Zara has really impressed me in delivering good quality basics and accessible prices. No, this post isn’t sponsored — I just want to make more of an effort to share what I love when I feel it’s worthwhile!

So tell me, Where is your go-to place for basics? Because I am definitely in need of more.

While I’d like to imagine wearing sequins and fancy dresses down the street every day, it’s just not my reality.