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Link Love: 11.29.12

link love

link love

Amber Gray in Marie Claire China

• Listen up! Top CEOs tell you how to get a digital agency job.

• I’m in total agreement with Steve Pavlina when it comes to making long-term commitments in order to see measurable results. His article, 5 Year Commitments challenges us to commit for the long-haul.

• Inspired by the type treatments and general atmosphere that comes with peeking in boutique windows? Then you’ll love the Window Shopping pinboard!

• The New York Times rounds up its list of the 100 most notable books of 2012.

• Amanda Genther reminds us how important it is to push past the fear of failure.

• Jasmine Star is dishing out some great tips on how to avoid procrastination and I’m taking notes!

• French style photographer and illustrator Garance Doré just launched her online print boutique! I want this one.

• Tamera knows what’s up when it comes to making stylish D.I.Y. pillows!

• The changing face of Bleecker Street between 6th and 7th Ave. in Manhattan from 2001 until now is meticulously documented in this post. I miss all those iconic signs and storefronts.

• If you want to make a beautiful calendar to start off 2013, check out this awesome D.I.Y. I endorse anything with big ol’ tassels!

• I know I’ve mentioned it many times but Art of the Menu is a treasure trove of design inspiration, especially if you do a lot of page layouts. A well designed menu should never be underestimated!

• Beauty is pain: An amazing look behind the curtain at the New York City Ballet.