Hello, Yellow: Poppin For the Holidays!

Poppin Holiday Gift Set

Two weeks ago, I was waxing poetic about Poppin and their rad, brightly colored office accouterments. I’m a firm believer that a clean workspace translates to a less cluttered mind and was over the moon when Poppin reached out and let me pick out one of their holiday gift sets.

Poppin Holiday Gift Set

I was in need of some brightening up in my very black and white office so I chose the Pencils of Promise Pack which is named after the organization Poppin works with to build schools for children living in poverty. I love that they give back to educational institutions. There are lots of other brightly colored bundles to choose from as well.

Poppin Holiday Gift Set

Poppin Holiday Gift Set

As a native Portlander, I’m accustomed to the six months of overcast drizzle we’re in the midst of but at the same time, it does get old fast. Being surrounded by all these bright colored accessories is making me feel way better and I feel so grown up at 31 finally having a matching pencil cup, tape dispenser and stapler!

Poppin Holiday Gift Set

I always feel like I’m lacking in the basics — my favorite part of the bundle is the ruler. It’s thick, weighty and the numbers are massive. I can’t seem to draw a straight line to save my life so I see it getting a lot of use.

Poppin Holiday Gift Set

If you’re seeking a more organized, color coordinated office space as well, I’ve joined up with Poppin to share the holiday cheer with you! Receive $25 off orders $50 or more on Poppin.com + free shipping sitewide! To activate this discount, simply enter the coupon code HappyHoliday during checkout on Poppin.com and start off the new year in style!

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