What I Wore: 11.18.12 | Back To The Future

What I Wore: Back To The Future

Over the weekend I visited H&M to see the Maison Martin Margiela collaboration for myself and it rekindled my love affair for all things avant garde. Though I’m drawn to pretty much anything with extra flaps and zippers, I still want it to be relatively comfortable. I found this Rick Owens jacket on Ebay a few years back and it’s got some built-in hips and a zip-in center panel. Oh, and a strange black cape that zipped on (removed that)! Definitely weird but still fairly wearable. I always think of it as urban armor.

What I Wore: Back To The Future

I picked up these shoes from Solestruck last year — they’re by a German brand called Trippen. Even though they’re fairly level, they can still take some time to getting used to walking in.

What I Wore: Back To The Future

Pinkyotto sent this cotton blend dress my way and it’s a bit dressy for Portland so I layered it up with the Rick Owens jacket and opaque tights. The layers kept me warm but are still really easy to move around in.

What I Wore: Back To The Future

My friend Star added this Helvetica necklace to her jewelry line a few years ago and it’s been my constant companion since.

I Wore:

Jacket, Rick Owens
Dress ,℅ Pinkyotto
Tights, H&M
Shoes, Trippen
Necklace, Star

This would be my ideal holiday look because it could work seamlessly between parties, meetings and nights out.

What I Wore: Back To The Future

1. KaufmanFranco Asymmetric Wool-Blend Dress, 2. Martin Margiela Collapsible Satchel, 3. Martin Margiela Multi-Strand Belt, 4. Topshop AMAZE2 Eva Stripe Wedge Boots and 5. Rick Owens Cashmere and Wool Blend Jacket.

Have a great Monday! I’m anxiously counting down the days till Thanksgiving…break time and visiting with my grandparents. Sounds perfect to me.

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