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Link Love: 11.15.12

link love

link love

Billy Kidd for WWD Beauty

• The New York Times tries to explain hashtags.

• How do you deal with those self-inflicted Facebook woes? Ignore, unsubscribe or just unplug for awhile?

• This is an odd collection but pretty amazing; over 12,000 old and new fruit papers!

• How do you determine your true path in life?

• When you have a team of people you rely on, incentives and thank you’s go a long way.

• The actual website for Dole/Kemp 1996 presidential campaign is still live!

• Creatives, how do you deal with tax deductions and working with an accountant?

• Erin Jang’s holiday card collection for Paperless post is way stylish. And way fun.

• Kurt Cobain’s handwritten list of his 50 top albums is insightful.

• If you want to get more wear out your wardrobe, this is an easy trick.