What I Wore: 11.11.12 | Sweater Season

What I Wore: Sweater Season

Fall crept up on us quite quickly, didn’t it? I’m embracing lots of layers and mixing in new silhouettes this season — last week I wore a midi-length skirt for one of the first times ever and here’s another from my friends at Pinkyotto. I’ve been really influenced by 90s Prada lately and looking through the work of photographer Glen Luchford from this era and this outfit is definitely influenced by that.

What I Wore: Sweater Season

With this skirt, the look could have gone quite dressy but I wanted to make it more Fall appropriate and layer it up instead. For my birthday, my dad gave me an H&M gift card and I picked up this necklace and sweater and they’ve served me well. I have the gold version of this necklace too and wear them constantly — best jewelry investment I’ve made in ages.

What I Wore: Sweater Season

Remember when these wedges came out in Fall 2007? I finally found some on sale in 2008 and they were such a big deal at the time! People were constantly stopping me, wondering what they were. Airport security in Hawaii wanted to check them out to make sure they didn’t have any hidden compartments (seriously!) and even with all the other sneaker wedge options out there these days, I still love them so much.

What I Wore: Sweater Season

Digging these new sunglasses that RAEN Optics sent my way — totally different from my usual style and I love the sea glass color.

I Wore:

Skirt, ℅ Pinkyotto
Sweater, H&M
Necklace, H&M
Tights, H&M
Breslin Sunglasses, ℅ RAEN Optics
Bag, Versus
Wedges, Dries van Noten

What I Wore: Sweater Season

All of us Portlanders know that realistically, it’s doom and gloom for the next few months. Until the sun comes back out, my glass head gets to rock the RAEN glasses…in case you’re wondering, I’ve had this head forever but Pier 1 still sells them!

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