Link Love: 11.8.12

link love

link love

Patrick Demarchelier for British Vogue

• The branding of the presidents is total type candy.

• This essay on how to move to New York isn’t what you’d expect to hear and that makes it even more poignant. “The idea of “making it” was everywhere, and I needed to avoid it. I’d moved to the supposed greatest city in the world in order to spend seventy-two hours at a time insulated and solitary, developing an allergy to people and a near-romantic attachment to Netflix.”

• Here’s why you should take your 20’s seriously.

• How do you keep creating and running your business when you’re depressed?

• I’ve posted this before but in case you missed it, Art Of The Menu is a great design resource.

• A spooky photo essay of a powerless lower Manhattan.

• The best interview I’ve read all week: the story of Cyndi Lauper’s makeup artist is fascinating.

• If you’re on the hunt for inspiring retail imagery, here’s a great directory.

• We all make assumptions. This woman’s are classic: list of them “If my work badge doesn’t unlock the door on the first swipe, I’ve been secretly fired” and “A phone call from my mother at an usual hour is to announce the death of a close relative” are two of my favorites.

• Hermes products, especially their bags, are outrageously expensive. We hear about craftsmanship all the time, but to see it is another story.

• What do some of the most iconic moments in history look like when colorized?

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