What I Wore: 11.5.12 | Playing Tourist

What I Wore: Asos Plaid Skirt

There’s nothing quite like being a tourist in your own city. Over the last few weeks Joey & I have been out an about in our S.E. Portland neighborhood as well as downtown, snapping key places we think non-Portlanders would be interested in learning about for an international magazine feature. The truth is that…I don’t get out much. And since I’m a native Oregonian, I feel like I’ve seen everything in my city over and over so it’s been a welcome excuse to view my surroundings with fresh eyes and think about why I like calling this place home.

What I Wore: Asos Plaid Skirt

I made one final trip downtown over the weekend and wore a a checked midi skirt which is a new silhouette for me. Because I’m petite (5’3″) I always figured that skirts below the knee were off-limits. But after I turned 30, I decided to throw all those rules I’d subconsciously made for myself out the window, accept that I was never going to sprout up a few more inches and just wear what I liked. And with temperatures quickly dipping, I’ve been reaching for this wool blend skirt constantly. Girls who wear longer skirts, I get it now!

What I Wore: Asos Plaid Skirt

Playing tourist meant that I got to try out all the places I always pass by. We stopped into Sizzle Pie and though I still really miss Rocco’s, the iconic pizza place that was in that spot before, Joey was happy to see that they have a nice selection of vegan pizza by the slice.

What I Wore: Asos Plaid Skirt

The Sizzle Pie signage and store design was done by Portland-based Official Mfg. Co.

What I Wore: Asos Plaid Skirt

I Wore:

Jacket, Rick Owens
Necklace, H&M
Sweater, Sonia Rykiel for H&M
Midi Skirt, Asos
Bag, Miu Miu
Tights, H&M
Wedges, Minimarket
Nail Polish, Pop Nailglam

I’m still on the School’s Out Forever style direction I put together for Fall:

What I Wore: Asos Plaid Skirt

1. Asos Check Midi Skirt (sold out in red but still available in white), 2. Acne Marlin Heels, 3. All Saints Harrah Pipe Skinny Pants, 4. All Saints Lour Roll Neck Pullover, 5. Derek Lam Bodin Cross-Body Bag and 6. Acne Trip Scarf.

Take some time to play tourist in your own town sometime soon. It’s been a great reality check for me, a chance to check out local businesses I’d been hearing about and have an excuse to consume a lot of coffee and try new food cart delicacies. All in all, a good time.

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