Link Love: 11.1.12

link love

link love

Welcome to Link Love! Can you believe that it’s already November?!

• Have you seen Anna’s first-hand account of Hurricane Sandy? She lives in DUMBO and got some up-close and personal photos. Pretty devastating to see it unfold.

• Want a good laugh? Check out this list of Halloween missed connections. Inebriated Vampire searching for Ninja Turtle…

• 99 Life Hacks to make your life easier. So many awesome ideas!

• Timehop is an app that lets you see your photos and updates from a particular day in history by gathering your content from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram and Flickr.

• I’ve never seen anything like these business cards featuring hologram edges. Stunning.

• Read through the worst passwords of 2012, make sure yours aren’t on the list and then laugh! Baseball? Dragon? Really?!

• How to let your purpose find you.

• 5 essential elements of a successful self-published book.

• Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess share how they plan their blog posts. Planning ahead does wonders.

• Gala’s account of Hurricane Sandy seems even more surreal since Kat and I were staying just around the corner from her a little over a week ago! Feeling so sad just thinking of what so many of you on the east coast are going through.

• Breanna Rose offers up some great insights into what designers should consider when packaging files for development.

• Would our content on Instagram be more compelling without all the filters? A valid argument: “Like clothes, filters allow us to hide our insecurities.”

• For a lighter-hearted Hurricane Sandy article check out Garance Doré’s account of being woefully unprepared!

• 7 basic types of stories: Which one is your brand telling?

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