Link Love: 10.25.12

link love

link love

Marilyn Monroe by Richard Avedon

• I’ve been needing a reality check as of late regarding what’s important in my life and this simple article was so thought provoking. Please read it and reconsider what you really have time for.

• 30 awesome WordPress tutorials for designers.

• What is a copywriter and more importantly, should you be one?

• I love Gala’s recap of our Blogcademy launch! Our student Femke did such a great job photographing the event!

• Dita Von Teese just shared her full beauty routine and the products she prefers.

• If you’re itching to learn the difference between CMYK, RGB and PMS, Chelsea and Emma break it all down for you in this week’s Design Guide.

• Looking for a hilarious time waster? How about Cat Bounce!

• If you work in an office, always steer clear of water cooler gossip! CEO Cheryl Bachelder says, “You can’t be a ‘Negative Nancy’ and create great things. I’ve watched mergers, acquisitions, breakups, sales, and all the lost productivity that comes with hallway conversation that does absolutely nothing for the company or your career. It’s just pointless.”

• To Have And To Hold is an amazing collection of vintage shopping bags. The graphics of these relics from the past are so inspiring!

• The West Elm Market is a new concept store from West Elm that is full of rad tools and solutions and I love that they have a Made in the U.S.A. section.

• Why do we behave so oddly in elevators?

• Over the weekend, one of our most popular talks at The Blogcademy was how to launch a digital project and Gala is sharing some of her insights.

• I LOVE this site of emergency compliments!

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