Link Love: 10.18.12

link love

link love

Iselin Stero by Tyen for Vogue Paris

• The Best About Pages is a site dedicated to gathering up the most unique and best designed about pages from around the web! It’s great to rethink what we can do with this space.

• If you need to take a break from work madness but can’t escape, visit

• What is the transition like when you decide to shift your career path?

• Learn how to write the perfect email to busy people.

• I enjoy reading the What Katie Ate blog because of the gorgeous food photography and was pleasantly surprised to spot a peek inside her new cookbook.

• When things are feeling off, it’s okay to admit when you’re feeling scared.

• Deborah Bowness does some of the most stylish and unique wallpaper I’ve ever seen.

• Yohi Yamamoto’s insights on fashion are priceless.

• Easy ways we can save time.

• Business cards should really showcase your personality with those special touches. Designer Sarah Drake nailed it when designing Brad Goreski’s cards.

• I know slogan-laden posters are everywhere but this one really rang true with me.

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