Link Love: 10.4.12

link love

link love

Lolita Poster Remake

• I love this super affordable draft printing method to enlarge classic family photos!

• Some of the best life advice I’ve heard this week: Let it go. It’s difficult but wouldn’t we all feel a whole lot better about ourselves?

• Although I personally prefer to use a rate sheet, I liked Bri’s insight on why she bypasses this method for custom quotes.

• Some simple advice we took away from the Design Life retreat this weekend: Be amazing at a few things instead of just okay at a lot of things.

• 10 words every successful blogger needs to know.

• If you thrive on instant gratification and getting immediate feedback on your projects, how to you deal with those times you’re doing so-called invisible work?

• I definitely feel the negative effects of social media at times. If you’re constantly comparing yourself to others, you’re denying yourself the ability to fully experience joy.

• The NY Times wonders aloud if fashion trends are passé.

• This is what the stock of thank you bags from around the world looks like.

• I recently stumbled upon Geometry Daily and it’s a really great way to re-imagine the most basic shapes around us.

P.S. After a much needed few days of rest, it feels great to be back. Really looking forward to sharing some Palm Springs outtakes with you all tomorrow!

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