Link Love: 9.20.12

link love

Bazaar Spain, October 2012

• Time just gathered up its list of the 50 best websites of 2012.

• Are you on the lookout for a clean, minimal WordPress theme? Here’s a list to get you started!

• It seems like guest columnists are popping up more and more on my favorite blogs but this isn’t necessarily the right fit for everyone, including me. I loved Kartina’s thoughts on this.

• A pretty cool DIY: Make your own collar necklace!

• Have you seen Jessica Hische’s Drop Caps popping up on classic Penguin books? So pretty.

• Jenna of A Sweet Fine Day pulled together a little guide of restaurants in the Northwest she just visited.

• 25 lessons from Patti Smith’s Just Kids.

• Construction on the tallest residential building in Manhattan is happening and naturally, the apartments within are being snatched up by billionaires. Yes, billionaires.

• My friend Anna has been blogging for 14 years! I enjoyed reading about all her past blogs and her thoughts on where blogging stands today.

• 9 warning signs of an amateur artist.

• If you’re currently apartment hunting, PadMapper allows you to plot locations on a map and then filter for what exactly you’d like.

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