Nubby Twiglet Stickers

Nubby Twiglet Stickers

Well, I just couldn’t stay away from Moo. We had such a great overall experience with our Blogcademy cards and stickers that I thought I’d give them a spin for Nubby Twiglet. After all, who doesn’t love stickers?! The five year old in me is jumping for joy — I was queen of the sticker books as a kid.

My favorite branding element in my updated identity is the cross so I featured that on four of the eight total designs. Secondly, I did hello and thank you designs. Third, I pulled in two more graphic options. These stickers will be used for sealing official correspondence and adding that final bit of polish.

Nubby Twiglet Stickers

To give you an idea of pricing, a pack of 52 stickers costs $12.99 and goes up from there based on quantity. And, you can upload as many different designs as you’d like! I think these would also be great for artists and designers to feature snippets of their work, for business owners to feature their logo or for simple, inspirational words and quotes. The sky’s the limit!

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