Fall 2012 Style Direction: School’s Out Forever!

Fall 2012 Style Direction

Over the weekend, I visited Reed College. Here in Portland, it’s almost time for the college kids to head back to school and if I was making the pilgrimage, this would be my official back-to-school look. After spending more than six years in college (two very different degrees add up!), I swore I would never go back — but I can still get into the schoolgirl mindset…and a little Fall shopping.

Fall 2012 Style Direction

Every year, I yell from the mountaintops, “Boho begone!” And finally, this year is my year. Luckily for me (but unluckily for my wallet), all of my favorite things including tartans, red crosses, oversized tassels, menswear-inspired staples, flatforms (more comfy than my old standby, wedges), spikes and boldly patterned knits are filling the stores.

Fall 2012 Style Direction

For Spring, I proclaimed my style direction to be Ladylike Urban Warrior and it pretty much held true — I wore a lot more fashion-forward dresses and even some abstract florals (I’m usually more of a stripes girl). This season though, I’m feeling very much like School’s Out Forever! I graduated but just can’t kick the look — I want all the prep classics but with a coy twist. I want my plaids to have a peplum (above), my flats to have jumbo tassels, my classic patterns to be way oversized and my nails to be as blinding as possible. It’s basically the way my high school self in 1996 imagined my adult self dressing (I actually had the Hard Candy version of that bright yellow NARS polish below back then!)

Fall 2012 Style Direction

I Wore:

1. Tartan Peplum Top, ASOS. 2. BDG High-Rise Jeans, Urban Outfitters. 3. Booties, Proenza Schouler (circa 2009). 4. Bag, Jaeger (circa 2011). 5. Watch, Vintage. 6. Lipstick, MAC Vegas Volt.

Fall 2012 Style Direction

My dream Fall wardrobe would definitely include the following:

1. Vogue Hellas September 2012, 2. Acne Laurie Bag, 3. NARS polish in Amchoor, 4. Acne Azalea Loafers, 5. Topshop Herringbone Cube Coat, 6. Tom Ford Peccary Natalia Bag, 7. Marni Cap-Toe Flatform and 8. Topshop Handknit Cross Jumper.

Readers: What’s your style direction for Fall?

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