The Blogcademy: Business Cards and Stickers

The Blogcademy Collateral

Over at The Blogcademy, we’ve been hard at work designing all our business collateral. First came the rubber stamps and next, business cards and stickers. And in an ongoing effort to help you outfit your own business in style, we’re sharing our sources!

The Blogcademy Collateral

I wanted the cards to be premium in both look and feel but also budget-friendly and that’s where Moo came in. I hadn’t ever paid the site much attention but last month, one of my clients requested that I set her business cards up with their specs and after digging around, I really liked what I saw. A lot has changed over at Moo; it’s not just mini cards these days!

The Blogcademy Collateral

Have you seen the latest addition to their offerings, the Luxe Business Cards? Featuring Mohawk Superfine paper merged with a rich seam of color (we chose black for these), the quality is really awesome. The matte finish has a noticeably tactile texture and the saturation of the inks is top notch.

The Blogcademy Collateral

We couldn’t decide on a back for our cards so I made two. The more the merrier! What I appreciate about Moo is that they realize not everyone is a designer and came up with 70 pre-made design templates for the Luxe that are geared towards a number of industries.

The Blogcademy Collateral

Of course, when it comes to branding our business, we couldn’t stop at just business cards. Moo also offers stickers in a number of formats and my favorite part is that you can upload multiple designs to be printed in the same pack! How cool is that? We have plans to use these to seal official correspondence.

We have more Blogcademy projects in the works I’ll be sharing in upcoming posts. Thanks for following along with us on this exciting new journey!

P.S. I wanted to mention that I wasn’t contacted or compensated by Moo in any way. I’m just really happy with the outcome of the products I ordered.

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