What I Wore: The Rose Garden

Nubby Twiglet What I Wore Rose Garden

I don’t have a chance to dress up very often these days but when I do, I’ve been trying some new things. My style goal this year was to push myself out of my usual comfort zone and this dress, with a mixture of colors (and even flowers!) does just that. I love it though. For daytime, I usually wear a black cardigan over the top but had to show off the standout element on this occasion – a super strappy back made of elastic bands. When we were walking through the rose gardens near the Washington Park Zoo and spotted this oasis brimming with tropical foliage, it was a little too perfect.

Nubby Twiglet What I Wore Rose Garden

I Wore: 1. ASOS Strappy Dress, 2. Acne Alice Heels 3. H&M Gold Headband.

Nubby Twiglet What I Wore Rose Garden

To my American readers, I hope you’re having a great holiday weekend. This morning, I got a surprise call from one of my best friends and then took Rocky out on a walk through the Reed College campus. Pretty good start to the day!

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