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Link Love: 8.23.12

link love

link love

Christy Turlington by Regan Cameron.

• Back to the so-called busy trap: Is busyness actually bad for business?

• Public speaking can be nerve-wracking, even for those of us who do it on a regular basis! I love Scott Stratten’s tips for becoming a presentation sensation.

• Over at The Blogcademy, we’ve been blown away by your response. Half the spots sold out in the first day alone. Thank you, thank you!

• What internet habits say about your mental health.

• I love Jasmine Star’s The Audacity of Dreaming: “But then I’m reminded that talent is nothing without ambition…and the smallest bit of talent can be carried on the wings of sheer desire and hard work.”

Site Inspire is full of some of the best web design inspiration around. Now I need a few free hours to dig through it all! (via Breanna Rose)

• Gala addresses not being perfect which I feel is so important in this day and age where we’re being constantly sold an ideal. For me personally, a lot of self-acceptance has come with age. When I turned 30, I felt a lot more comfortable in my own skin with the overall feeling of, “This is who I am and I’m not going to change.”

• If you’re new to blogging, here’s how to add clickable images to your sidebar.

• These paint chip table runners are calling my name.

• Ready to get inspired? Check out Seth Godin’s interview over at The Great Discontent. “I’m thrilled that the universe lined up to let someone as easily distracted and ADD as me figure out a way to earn a fine living making a ruckus and helping people get to where they want to go.”

• StartUP is a showcase of creative directors who ditched their ad agency jobs to become entrepreneurs. Here, they share their inspiring stories of taking the leap.

The Blogcademy is Stamp Crazy!

The Blogcademy Rubber Stamps

Over at the Blogcademy, I’ve been working on getting the rest of our branded collateral together. Pulling directly from our Identity Guide, I took some of our favorite elements and had them made into rubber stamps.

As I mentioned earlier in the year, I am a HUGE fan of rubber stamps because they’re an extremely affordable way to add that extra special touch to all your business basics like envelopes, on the outside of packages, on letters, on the backside of postcards and more.

The Blogcademy Rubber Stamps

As I work through the rest of our business collateral, I’ll be sharing more sneak peeks in the hopes of giving you some fun, accessible branding ideas of your own. And in case you’re wondering, I order all my stamps through Simon’s Stamps. Speedy service, great rates and old school wooden handles make them the best around, hands down.

The Typofiles #114: Elle September 2012

Typofiles Elle September 2012 Katy Perry

When the bulging September issue of Elle showed up in my mailbox a few days ago, I couldn’t stop staring at the cover. All that angled type felt so fresh and so now.

Typofiles Elle September 2012 Katy Perry

Angled type has always been an Elle trademark but they really took it to the next level here. And throughout the issue, the type and layouts have all been amplified — I’ve been a faithful subscriber for years and there’s just something really special about their attention to detail that other fashion magazines often miss. I have huge respect for Creative Director Joe Zee, Design Director Paul Ritter and the rest of the design staff. Putting together a kick-ass 600+ page issue is no easy task!

Typofiles Elle September 2012 Katy Perry

You can view all of The Typofiles right here.

The Blogcademy: A Blogging Workshop!

the blogcademy

I am so excited to announce a brand new workshop that’s launching today, The Blogcademy! I will be joining forces this Fall with Gala and Kat to share everything we know about our favorite topic, blogging, with YOU! The Blogcademy is very special to me — for the last five years, I’ve wanted to share my branding and marketing insights on a much bigger platform and this is the opportunity for me to do just that!

An Overview

At The Blogcademy, we are teaching a two day masterclass for bloggers in New York City! Covering everything you could possibly want to know about blogging, branding and running your own business, this will be a weekend to remember. As Kat so accurately puts it, “We promise truckloads of learning, laughing, photo ops, sugary treats and homework assignments you’ll actually want to complete.” Sounds like fun to me!

As an extra special bonus, we’re bringing U.K. wedding photographer of the year Lisa Devlin along to shoot your new headshots! Amazingly talented and with a career spanning 20 years, she’ll also be sharing basic shooting, editing and Photoshop skills.

Want to know more? Head on over to our overview page!

My Focus

It’s one thing to have a cohesive look across all your online properties, but it’s another thing entirely to know if they accurately represent you or your business. My primary role at The Blogcademy (beyond all the branding and visuals!) will be to offer a unique perspective on building a brand from scratch, complete with real life examples. I want to take the guesswork out of brand building and show you the steps to take yours to the next level as well as adding that extra level of professional polish to your marketing materials. I’m not afraid to share what you should include in a media kit and I’m an open book on advice including how to forge creative relationships with big-name brands. Additionally, if you’re a creative company that’s not focused on ad revenues, find out how a blog can still help propel your business to the next level.

the blogcademy

Date, Location and Registration

The Blogcademy will be held at Silk Studio in Manhattan over Saturday, October 20th and Sunday, October 21st, 2012. If you’d like to register (seats are limited to 30!), please do so here.


When you’re getting started as a blogger, sometimes you need a break! We’ve decided to offer one scholarship spot to one of you! For your chance to win, just make a video telling us why you think YOU should be part of the first graduating class of The Blogcademy (hint: Be creative!) Upload it somewhere (Youtube/Vimeo) and send us the link by Sunday 16th September. We’ll pick our favorite entry and you’ll be invited to hang with us all weekend!

In Closing

I am so excited to be a part of The Blogcademy and to have a chance to share my branding and marketing insights with you in a fun, inviting format! The best part about joining forces with these two ladies is that we all cover completely different niches and therefore, have unique perspectives that will truly provide you with an all-encompassing view of how to take your blog and business to the next level.

If you’d like to learn more, please visit The Blogcademy. We hope to see you in New York this Fall!

The Week In Pictures: 8.17.12

week in pictures

I loved this week. My mom has been in town visiting and I’ve also been working on a personal project over the last few months with some friends that launches next week — this pattern is from the project’s identity guide (my main task has been to get all the design elements together) and there’s so much other good stuff to share!

week in pictures

Please excuse the terribly chipped nail polish but until this week I didn’t know that jumbo Oreo ice cream sandwiches existed! I’m now convinced that they’re one of the best inventions ever.

week in pictures

Over the weekend, I attended a relative’s wedding with my mom and two aunts. When I heard that it was retro-themed, I knew just what dress to wear — this double-layered polka dot number that was a gift from my friend Mary Bee while I was in LA earlier this summer.

week in pictures

Needless to say, the wedding was gorgeous. But there were a few entertaining moments like when my aunt walked in late to sit next to us in the crowd and TRIPPED OVER A CAT! There was also another couple in head-to-toe polkadots I matched a little too well (to the point that my mom was like “I think those are your real parents.” Haha.) I was enamored with the couple’s idea of picking berries together for jam and labeling the jars with Sweet Love for the guests. All those individual, hand-done touches are what make weddings really special.

week in pictures

I love hanging out with my mom and aunts because I end up in a ton of places I normally never frequent…like farmer’s markets and crystal shops! It’s good to expand your horizons, right?

week in pictures

A little still-life: my post dinner dishes in my office.

week in pictures

Last night I met my friend for some chit-chat at the Doug Fir and ran into more friends and a fellow blog reader all the way from New York. Have a great weekend — I’ll be out on the town with my mom and wrapping up that personal project. I want this summer to last forever.