Link Love: 8.30.12

link love

link love

8 by Leonardo Sonnoli. Reminds me of my 5!

• From 1899 through 1910, French artists were asked to illustrate what they thought France would look like in the year 2000. The results were pretty entertaining.

• Want to learn some CSS in a fun, accessible way? Pugly Pixel is offering an online workshop!

• If you’re interested in making a creative pitch to a company, here’s some great advice about how to make it happen.

• The 10 commandments of successful client-creative relationships.

• Leo Babauta on how to remove the clutter and get a badass lifestyle.

• Are we all bragging too much? “Clearly, the Internet has given us a global audience for our bombast, and social media sites encourage it. We’re all expected to be perfect all the time. The result is more people carefully stage-managing their online image.”

• Get some colorblocking action going on in your home!

• Calgel manicures seem to be the hot new thing when it comes to getting your nails done — Anna of D16 gave them a solid review.

• After 25 years, Microsoft has a new logo.

• Jessica Hische and her husband-to-be were interviewed over on The Great Discontent here and here.

• How to organize your stuff without spending any money!

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