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Link Love: 8.23.12

link love

link love

Christy Turlington by Regan Cameron.

• Back to the so-called busy trap: Is busyness actually bad for business?

• Public speaking can be nerve-wracking, even for those of us who do it on a regular basis! I love Scott Stratten’s tips for becoming a presentation sensation.

• Over at The Blogcademy, we’ve been blown away by your response. Half the spots sold out in the first day alone. Thank you, thank you!

• What internet habits say about your mental health.

• I love Jasmine Star’s The Audacity of Dreaming: “But then I’m reminded that talent is nothing without ambition…and the smallest bit of talent can be carried on the wings of sheer desire and hard work.”

Site Inspire is full of some of the best web design inspiration around. Now I need a few free hours to dig through it all! (via Breanna Rose)

• Gala addresses not being perfect which I feel is so important in this day and age where we’re being constantly sold an ideal. For me personally, a lot of self-acceptance has come with age. When I turned 30, I felt a lot more comfortable in my own skin with the overall feeling of, “This is who I am and I’m not going to change.”

• If you’re new to blogging, here’s how to add clickable images to your sidebar.

• These paint chip table runners are calling my name.

• Ready to get inspired? Check out Seth Godin’s interview over at The Great Discontent. “I’m thrilled that the universe lined up to let someone as easily distracted and ADD as me figure out a way to earn a fine living making a ruckus and helping people get to where they want to go.”

• StartUP is a showcase of creative directors who ditched their ad agency jobs to become entrepreneurs. Here, they share their inspiring stories of taking the leap.