The Typofiles #114: Elle September 2012

Typofiles Elle September 2012 Katy Perry

When the bulging September issue of Elle showed up in my mailbox a few days ago, I couldn’t stop staring at the cover. All that angled type felt so fresh and so now.

Typofiles Elle September 2012 Katy Perry

Angled type has always been an Elle trademark but they really took it to the next level here. And throughout the issue, the type and layouts have all been amplified — I’ve been a faithful subscriber for years and there’s just something really special about their attention to detail that other fashion magazines often miss. I have huge respect for Creative Director Joe Zee, Design Director Paul Ritter and the rest of the design staff. Putting together a kick-ass 600+ page issue is no easy task!

Typofiles Elle September 2012 Katy Perry

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