The Blogcademy is Stamp Crazy!

The Blogcademy Rubber Stamps

Over at the Blogcademy, I’ve been working on getting the rest of our branded collateral together. Pulling directly from our Identity Guide, I took some of our favorite elements and had them made into rubber stamps.

As I mentioned earlier in the year, I am a HUGE fan of rubber stamps because they’re an extremely affordable way to add that extra special touch to all your business basics like envelopes, on the outside of packages, on letters, on the backside of postcards and more.

The Blogcademy Rubber Stamps

As I work through the rest of our business collateral, I’ll be sharing more sneak peeks in the hopes of giving you some fun, accessible branding ideas of your own. And in case you’re wondering, I order all my stamps through Simon’s Stamps. Speedy service, great rates and old school wooden handles make them the best around, hands down.

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