Link Love: 8.16.12

link love

link love

Marilyn Monroe by Bert Stern.

• Kat of Rock n Roll Bride has some great insight on why sometimes it’s good to look back in order to move forward as bloggers.

• How do you know if you’re ready to go freelance? Read this level-headed advice!

• If you’re interested in reading more about the development of my new site and learning more about responsive layouts, Star shares it all in her recap!

• As a blogger, how often should you post? It might not be as often as you think!

•  Elsie explains how to use color stories in your projects. This is something I consider with every new design project.

• A peek inside the world of designer fashion for toddlers. Really?!

• Out of Prints is selling vintage Pantone Letraset posters from the 80s. So cool! If I had the wall space, I’d definitely be snapping one up.

• This is New York now shows you Instagram photos in New York taken in real time.

• Around 90% of the clothing Americans buy is imported. Why outsourcing clothing manufacturing runs deeper and affects us more than we realize.

• W+K London talks about both losing and winning pitches.

• The true secret to success: gratitude.

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