Link Love: 8.9.12

link love

link love

Alex Box for Rankin.

• Why is everyone on the internet so angry? These days, online comments “are extraordinarily aggressive, without resolving anything…at the end of it you can’t possibly feel like anybody heard you. Having a strong emotional experience that doesn’t resolve itself in any healthy way can’t be a good thing.”

• I’m so sad to hear that legendary fashion icon Anna Piaggi has died. Her colorful style will be missed.

• I love a good set of Photoshop brushes and Breanna Rose has gathered up a great selection of faux watercolor ones. Score!

• Emily Henderson shares 15 do’s and don’t’s when trying to get an internship (and keep it)!

• The New York Times weighs in on our preoccupation with Pinterest, Tumblr and the trouble with curation.

• I’ve enjoyed reading how Makeshift Society is coming together. It’s a private clubhouse in San Francisco where creative folks can mingle, take classes and get work done. I wish there was a branch in Portland!

• So funny! What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball?

• I love the thought of buying new experiences, not things. Some of my all-time best memories revolve around trips I’ve taken.

• Here’s a fun project: learn how to make a handwritten D.I.Y. poster.

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