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Link Love: 7.19.12

link love

link love

Source: Re-Do it Design

• The Nextness is onto something in Should you go your own way? when it proclaims, “One of the most common features in the blogosphere is the “How to. Ten tips to… 5 steps towards… The best advice I… How I got to where I am.” So true. It makes you wonder if the real reason we keep hanging on all these words of advice is because we don’t have the fearlessness to follow through with our own vision.

• Don’t expect your dreams to come true overnight. You’ve gotta put in the hard work first and get your hands dirty. That’s truly part of the adventure.

• Great insights on perfectionism and learning how to do nothing.

• Designers, what do you do when you send out a project estimate and a client no longer wants to hire you? I always say, stand your ground. You (and your work) are worth it!

• An unlikely pairing but way awesome: Bon Appétit interviews Rick Ross about food.

• A List Apart has just put together a Summer Reading Issue.

• Photographer Bonnie Tsang ate her way through Portland’s culinary hotspots and snapped her meals along the way. I still need to visit quite a few of these in my fair city!

• This article claims that it’s harder making friends as an adult. “As people approach midlife, the days of youthful exploration, when life felt like one big blind date, are fading. Schedules compress, priorities change and people often become pickier in what they want in their friends.” Agree?

• Learn how to say no like a boss.

• Pantone luggage?! Yes, it exists. Crossing my fingers it eventually arrives on U.S. shores!

Latest & Greatest #7: Black and Gold

latest and greatest

Black and gold is a combination I’m constantly drawn to these days but that wasn’t always the case. Up until a year ago, if I had to make a decision between silver and gold accents, I always chose silver. Gold seemed garish, loud and flamboyant in all the wrong ways. Icy, silvery shades were my go-to accents because they felt cleaner and much more subdued. Then, I started noticing gold popping up in less traditional formats including spiked accents on shoes, as gold leaf on posters and in modern jewelry pieces. Here are a few black and gold items that have recently caught my eye.

latest and greatest black gold

1. Ryan Gosling on Esquire, 2. Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet, 3. Chris Henley Not All Those Who Wander Print, 4. Coco Rocha, 5. Christian Louboutin Decoupata 120 Ankle Boots, 6. Danielle Davis Collector Plate, 7. Balenciaga Montre Acier Watch, 8. YSL Y-Mail Wallet and 9. Michael Jackson.

The Typofiles #112: Barneys CO-OP Catalog

Typofiles Banreys CO-OP Spring 2009 Catalog

I just came across this catalog from Barneys CO-OP and was blown away that it was from Spring 2009. The neons, the type choices and the accessories all feel so now! If I’d had an hour to sit at my scanner, I would have scanned the whole damn thing — it’s great from cover to cover. The page layouts manage to seamlessly rotate between outdoor scenery with neon plexiglass overlays featuring geometric cut-outs to more subdued black and white model shots. The main type throughout appears to be Avant Garde Extra Light and Alternative Extra Light.

Typofiles Banreys CO-OP Spring 2009 Catalog

* View all of The Typofiles here.

Made U Look: Polkadots in Santa Monica

Nubby Twiglet Made U Look Santa Monica

I still can’t stop thinking about how much fun I had in Santa Monica last month. It’s true that when you’re on vacation it’s a bit hard to have a bad time when all you’re preoccupied with is lounging around the pool, sight-seeing, eating, snapping photos and shopping! But still, for as much I travel, it was in my top three vacations of all time. A combination of the killer hotel, spending time with two of my besties, Gala and Mary Bee and riding bikes along the beach left me feeling excited to make things happen at home so I could come back and visit again as soon as possible. Vacation is good for the soul!

Nubby Twiglet Made U Look Santa Monica

Part of what makes a great vacation even better is a physical record of those memories to look back on, over and over again. Gala and I are incredibly lucky that our friends, the trio of photographers that make up Made U Look stopped by The Viceroy for a visit and photographed us around the grounds (Kelly Wearstler sure knows how to create photo-friendly settings).

Nubby Twiglet Made U Look Santa Monica

Nubby Twiglet Made U Look Santa Monica

The Made U Look girls have a unique shooting style in that they use almost all film and even perhaps even cooler, each of the trio has a plethora of vintage cameras around their neck, switching it up as they go. This results in a HUGE variety of formats and the outcome has the feeling of your favorite old scrapbook; each photo is completely unique in lighting, format and composition that makes you remember just how truly great film is. Some results are breathtaking, some completely unexpected but all are a unique piece of art in themselves.

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The Week in Pictures: 7.13.12

week in pictures

week in pictures

How was your week? Mine had some definite bright spots — whenever I spot a photo booth, I ask my grandma to climb in…and she’s always up for it! Yes, I’m giving her bunny ears in that first photo! I love it that my dad, his girlfriend, my grandparents and I still go out as a group every few weeks. Family time is the best time. Go out and have some fun…work will still be waiting when you’re finished!

week in pictures

I’m hard at work on a D.I.Y. project that will debut here in a few weeks and thought it would be cool to ‘pin’ my inspiration to a real life cork board. Non-internet inspiration boards are so much more fun to put together anyway!

week in pictures

I was flipping through Contemporary Graphic Design by Phaidon (can’t seem to find a link online) the other night and this image caught my attention. The whole book is really, really great.

week in pictures

Rocky just got his summer haircut. What a tough guy. Look at those little teeth! I get a lot of questions about his breed — he’s a Chinese Crested but while most are hairless, he’s a powderpuff.

week in pictures

No matter what I have going on or what I have due, I always try to take in my surroundings, even if I’m walking down the same sidewalk every day. There’s beauty in the details and in the smallest moments. I love the old Pacific Wonderland Oregon plates.

week in pictures

I’ve been rockin’ my new go-to sneakers all week. This photo was taken in our back yard…which is coming along much slower than expected. Isn’t that always true of house-related projects?!! Happy Friday and I hope you have a chance to kick back and enjoy the sun. Any fun weekend plans?

Link Love: 7.12.12

link love

link love

Source: Bela Borsodi.

• Creatives, if you’re feeling a lack of confidence or making excuses, this advice will really hit home. Difficult at times to hear but so true: Get over it.

• Are you a foodie? Are you also type-obsessed? Do you also happen to like a good sandwich? Then Typewich is for you!

• I absolutely love this color blocked recipe box. The best part? There’s instructions to D.I.Y. your very own!

• If you’re social media obsessed, you have to check out Christoph Neimann’s hilarious You like me. You really, really like me for a good laugh.

• Promise’s new column, Inside the Creative Toolbox is super cool and I was honored to share my must-have items this week!

• Even when you have one of those days where everything goes wrong, it does get better.

• A cool project: matching Pantone colors to human skintones.

• A writer’s worst nightmare: The New York Times pans your book due to the reviewer’s misread. Eek!

• Designers, how do you gauge your timelines to make sure you deliver on schedule?

• I really like this visual inspiration featuring inspiring studio spaces.

• Completely random but oddly awesome: Andy Warhol eats a Burger King hamburger on video!