Link Love: 7.26.12

link love

link love

Source: Vogue Hellas, August 2012

• Lost & Taken has an amazing selection of free high resolution textures!

• The IRL Fetish points out that our online life is still “real life.”

In great part…we have been taught to mistakenly view online as meaning not offline. The notion of the offline as real and authentic is a recent invention, corresponding with the rise of the online. If we can fix this false separation and view the digital and physical as enmeshed, we will understand that what we do while connected is inseparable from what we do when disconnected.

• Life’s too short for so much email!

• Designers, how do you walk away from a project that isn’t going to well or is taking too long?

• The 100 best movies set in New York.

• I love Promise Tangeman’s list of random facts about herself!

• Seth Godin’s wise words on on competition: “Competing with yourself is more difficult, requires more bravery and leads to more insight.”

• How to have a career: Advice to young writers.

• The Rich Kids of Instagram: They have more money than you and this is what they do.

• If you never got over your first love, do you try to find them or let them go for good?

• Laurie Penny explains why ‘having it all’ is a middle class myth.

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