Latest & Greatest #7: Black and Gold

latest and greatest

Black and gold is a combination I’m constantly drawn to these days but that wasn’t always the case. Up until a year ago, if I had to make a decision between silver and gold accents, I always chose silver. Gold seemed garish, loud and flamboyant in all the wrong ways. Icy, silvery shades were my go-to accents because they felt cleaner and much more subdued. Then, I started noticing gold popping up in less traditional formats including spiked accents on shoes, as gold leaf on posters and in modern jewelry pieces. Here are a few black and gold items that have recently caught my eye.

latest and greatest black gold

1. Ryan Gosling on Esquire, 2. Cartier Juste Un Clou Bracelet, 3. Chris Henley Not All Those Who Wander Print, 4. Coco Rocha, 5. Christian Louboutin Decoupata 120 Ankle Boots, 6. Danielle Davis Collector Plate, 7. Balenciaga Montre Acier Watch, 8. YSL Y-Mail Wallet and 9. Michael Jackson.

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