Link Love: 7.12.12

link love

link love

Source: Bela Borsodi.

• Creatives, if you’re feeling a lack of confidence or making excuses, this advice will really hit home. Difficult at times to hear but so true: Get over it.

• Are you a foodie? Are you also type-obsessed? Do you also happen to like a good sandwich? Then Typewich is for you!

• I absolutely love this color blocked recipe box. The best part? There’s instructions to D.I.Y. your very own!

• If you’re social media obsessed, you have to check out Christoph Neimann’s hilarious You like me. You really, really like me for a good laugh.

• Promise’s new column, Inside the Creative Toolbox is super cool and I was honored to share my must-have items this week!

• Even when you have one of those days where everything goes wrong, it does get better.

• A cool project: matching Pantone colors to human skintones.

• A writer’s worst nightmare: The New York Times pans your book due to the reviewer’s misread. Eek!

• Designers, how do you gauge your timelines to make sure you deliver on schedule?

• I really like this visual inspiration featuring inspiring studio spaces.

• Completely random but oddly awesome: Andy Warhol eats a Burger King hamburger on video!

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