Solestruck and TBA: A Tale of Obsession Solestruck To Be Announced Obsession

In case you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for shoes. It started at a young age. Beginning at the tender age of four, my mom would pay me a few dollars to arrange her vast collection of stilettos which she seemingly had in every color of the rainbow (hey, it was the 80s). I was big on organization even at that age and would carefully arranged them by height and color.

During college, I ditched my first office job where I was constantly tasked with doing hours of filing to work at a shoe store at the mall instead. The store sold comfort shoes and I mostly worked with fitting old ladies but it was way better than being trapped in suburban office hell. Later, I got a job at an even better shoe store and took pride in helping people pick out the perfect pair of shoes. Solestruck To Be Announced Obsession Solestruck To Be Announced Obsession Solestruck To Be Announced Obsession

A few years back, I started doing freelance work for Solestruck and shot and designed many of their landing pages as well. When they recently asked me to take part in a blogger collab with one of their exclusive brands, To Be Announced, I was like HELL YES. I didn’t want to go the straight “what I wore” route though — there had to be a story line. I called up my friend Shaun and we shot at Mutt Studios, our first collaboration together. I hopped, skipped, danced and jumped into the night… Solestruck To Be Announced Obsession Solestruck To Be Announced Obsession

I Wore:

ASOS Black Quilted Dress with Tube Embellishments — This is one of my constant go-to dresses and the quality is amazing. And, it’s majorly on sale!
ASOS OUI / NON Belt — also on sale!
To Be Announced 1-800 in Black, c/o Solestruck
H&M Gold Headband

*A special thanks to Solestruck, TBA, Shaun and Mutt Studios for the opportunity and good times!

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