The Typofiles #109: House Industries Catalog Collector Bundle

nubby twiglet house industries bundle

I’m a huge fan of type foundry House Industries and the distinct retro modern touch of many of their fonts. Though I have most of their catalogs and a handful of prints, when the Catalog 62 Collector Bundle came around, I thought I’d give it a shot. House Industries is revered for their quality and attention to detail and the contents sounded pretty impressive.

nubby twiglet house industries bundle

When I finally had a chance to pop the box open, I was blown away — the description of 40 items total held true. The weight and texture of the paper that alphabet cards were printed on, the printed belly band that held the catalog bundle together and the branded ribbon around the thank you cards was top notch. House Industries really knows how to make a presentation and this is like a treasure chest for type enthusiasts.

nubby twiglet house industries bundle

If you’re a designer, screen printer or just a lover of great design, this is a great little bundle to get a feel for the House Industries brand and to gather some fun keepsakes in the process. I keep thinking that this would be a great way to spruce up your desk area or cubicle as well!

nubby twiglet house industries bundle

In this day and age, when print is becoming increasingly rare, I applaud House Industries for not giving into shortcuts and sub-par printing. Their love of what they do really shows and I greatly admire that.

P.S. My favorite / most used House Industries font is Neutraface.

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