The Typofiles #108: Le Labo

nubby twiglet lA le labo 2012

While in LA last week, Gala, Mary Bee and I stumbled upon the magic lab of scents known as Le Labo. I’d first noticed the Le Labo branding a few days earlier at Lucky Scent and was intrigued. The location on Abbot Kinney resembles a vintage apothecary and perhaps the most interesting of all, there’s no stock on hand; all the perfumes are made on-site to order.

nubby twiglet lA le labo 2012

To add to mysterious / cool factor, Le Labo has a manifesto of sorts:

In a world where luxury perfumes are mass-produced and sold in places that look like supermarkets, where advertising campaigns try to fool consumers into thinking they are unique even though their “one of its kind” fragrances are worn by millions across the globe, we believe there is another solution. As a result, Le Labo has decided to take matters — and perfume — back in hand…

nubby twiglet lA le labo 2012

I love how their logo has an imperfect, stamped effect and their contact information looks like it was spewed from a typewriter, adding to the hand-done, manifesto-like quality.

nubby twiglet lA le labo 2012

After exploring the stock and sticking our noses into every fragrance in sight, we spotted a photo booth in the back of the shop. We couldn’t believe it was free and took full advantage of creating some goofy strips. Amazing, uncommon scents, great branding and a free photo booth? Le Labo follows through to create an environment perfectly suited to their aesthetic and vision.

P.S. A special thank you to the perfume mastermind (above) at the Abbot Kinney Le Labo for putting up with us!

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  1. Linda says:

    hi there I was reading your le labo article and was wondering if you know what fonts they use?


    great article by the way!

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