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What I Wore: 5.12.12 // Steps and A Giveaway!

what i wore

what i wore

I visited Laurelhurst Park over the weekend for some chill time with Joey & Rocky. These steps stretch on and on and it’s a perfect place to escape to on a sunny day. I’ve always had an infatuation with stripes and have owned a few pairs of striped pants in my time. My favorites were black and white striped but seriously, after the 10th time of someone shouting “Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!” in a day, the novelty quickly wears off. Stop it with the Beetlejuicing already!!!

My friends at Motel just sent me this more subdued charcoal and black stripe combo of their cult classic Jordan Jeans and they’re definitely more wearable than the black and white variety. I can’t wait to wear these going into Fall with fitted sweaters and blazers.

what i wore

what i wore

I Wore:

Paris shirt, Urban Outfitters
Jordan Jeans, Courtesy of Motel Rocks
Bracelet, H&M
Belt, H&M
Boots, AI for AI by Matiko

what i wore

In case you’re wondering, our outfit posts rarely go off without a hitch. Rocky likes to walk through nearly every photo. And, just look at that face! Haha.

Dear readers, Motel has a special treat for you! They’re giving away a $100.00 voucher and I’m making it super simple to enter:

1. Like Motel’s Facebook page.

2. Tell me something rad you’re planning on doing this summer and leave a valid email address so I can contact you! Are you taking a cross-country road trip? Visiting grandma? Setting a big goal? Overcoming a fear?

3. I’ll randomly choose a winner and make an announcement on Monday, May 21st. Good luck!

The Typofiles #104: Interview Magazine

After picking up the occasional issue of Interview Magazine, I finally broke down and subscribed because it’s consistently beautifully designed and the mix of content is always compelling. Part of this shift over the last few years is in no doubt due to Fabien Baron being the editorial director. I’ve been a long time admirer of his work and it’s no surprise that he’s turned Interview around considering that in the last 20 years, he’s also revamped five other magazines including Italian Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar.

His use of white space is one of the reasons his work stands out and probably influenced by the fact that his dad was a Parisian newspaper designer. Regarding his take on Interview, Baron says, “People buy into personality. And you need to be bolder.”

I found this graphic on the Interview site — it’s brimming with a distinctly Baron-esque look; have you checked it out?

Rubber Stamp Crazy!

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As of late, the blogosphere seems to have gone rubber stamp crazy. Everywhere I look, I see a new rubber stamp! The uptick in custom rubber stamps makes total sense. Printing promo materials can get get really pricy and the ease of applying your logo and branding to nearly any surface is not only cost effective but adds that personal, hand-done touch.

I’ve been wanting to order rubber stamps for quite awhile but this post took awhile to put together due to some trial and error. On my first custom stamp attempt, I went the Etsy route in an effort to support small businesses but when my designs came, the wood was sub-par and there were no handles or any other way to grip the stamps. The quality just wasn’t there. So, I regrouped, did some googling and came upon Simon’s Stamps. This place is the real deal. Not only do they have super reasonable prices but they ship fast and uploading your designs is a breeze. I cannot recommend them highly enough!

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Because of the reasonable pricing at Simon’s, I was able to order a variety of designs and sizes to give a test run. Yeah, I went a little crazy. Most of the stamps are based on elements from my current branding.

Here are some rubber stamp thoughts and tips

1. When creating your design, print it out to scale first before ordering! I’ve ordered stickers and other stamps in the past so I already had a pretty good idea of the sizes I wanted but Simon’s offers a HUGE variety of dimensions.

2. When in doubt, keep it simple. The more clean lines and the simpler the text, the better the outcome.

3. Beyond your logo, think of quotes, shapes, letters and numbers of significance, and your favorite patterns to draw inspiration from.

4. Stamps are MUCH cheaper than business cards. Two agencies I worked for in the past switched their business cards to blanks with just logos and then provided each employee with a rubber stamp containing their personal information. That way, everyone stamps as they go and there isn’t excess, unused stock sitting around.

5. Besides stamping the expected (mailing envelopes and boxes), think of new uses. Maybe you could sign your letters and then stamp your name or logo underneath. How about stamping your logo in the corner of screen prints you make? Or, on the back of photo prints and artwork?

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6. Invest in a good, basic stamp pad. Mine is jumbo-sized and features archival ink. Get one here.

ask nubby advice

Here’s a mood board of rubber stamp inspiration: 1. Olly Sorby. 2. Meanwhile. 3. Semiospectacle. 4. Bigger Than Giants. 5. Lovely Package (unknown). 6. New Amsterdam Gin. 7. Twig & Thistle.

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In closing, here’s a trip down memory lane. When I first got into rubber stamps, I was around five. Just for laughs, I dug out my original collection this weekend and, as you can see, back in the 80s I thought dinosaurs, Cabbage Patch Kids and rainbow stamp pads where the ultimate! Should I put that rainbow stamp pad back into rotation? 😉

The Week In Pictures: 5.11.12

week in pictures

week in pictures

week in pictures

Over the weekend, my dear friend Star stopped by Wolfgang Manor for a visit. Since she lives in San Francisco, we only get to see each other about once a year but it’s one of those friendships where we pick right back up where we left off. I met Star online close to 10 yeas ago and later, during a visit to LA in 2007, she was the one that convinced me to start this blog! We have a tradition of tracking down a photo booth whenever and wherever we meet. :)

week in pictures

The new issue of O magazine showed up in my mailbox yesterday and I thought this A was pretty rad. Here’s the truth: I’ve never even read a complete issue but the design is so good that I mostly subscribe for pure visual inspiration.

week in pictures

I took a midweek break with some friends at Jam on Hawthorne for an afternoon breakfast and tasty mix drink. Turquoise walls, loud music and a handful of chandeliers — what’s not to love about this place?

week in pictures

This week, I pulled out one of my favorite combos that I wore constantly a few years ago: Tripp NYC zipper jeans paired with Minimarket boots.

week in pictures

Over the weekend, I ended up at Best Buy and noticed this black wall complete with a glowing Apple. So, there you have it: my version of the super moon!

week in pictures

I have been going rubber stamp crazy and through some trial and error, I finally found a great, affordable source and ordered a slew of different designs and sizes. I’m sharing what I’ve learned on Monday here on the blog!

week in pictures

Do you ever get hit with the “I can’t keep my eyes open and I’m going to fall asleep at my desk RIGHT NOW” feeling every afternoon? It seems like between 2 and 3, I get hit all at once…and sometimes, a good cup of coffee gets me back on track. Sometimes not.

week in pictures

This book cover is an ongoing inspiration of mine. I’ve been really trying to back up, stand still, ignore the internet and simplify the designs I’m doing to stand the test of time. This cover reminds me of that. Sometimes the best inspiration isn’t on the internet; it’s right in front of us. We just have to be aware. Have a great weekend! I’m going to be taking some long walks (if the weather dude isn’t lying, it’s supposed to be 85 here in Portland) and playing with my new rubber stamp collection. Sounds dorky but some of the best things in life are!

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Link Love: 5.10.12

link love

link love

Vogue China, March 2011.

• If you read just one thing this week, start with Things I’m Afraid To Tell You, bookmark it and then work through the series. Why? 50 bloggers have decided to get real and share stories or experiences that they were previously afraid to put out there. It’s a brilliant reminder that we’re all truly connected and that blogs only offer a small glimpse into our daily lives.

• 33 must read books for entrepreneurs.

• How to start your blog with a bang!

• A lot of people are getting burnt out on social media chatter. It’s relentless. I like what Jenna of Sweet Fine Day had to say: “There is so much chatter over what we’re working on, where we’ve been, where we’re going, who we’re hanging out with, what we’ve accomplished and we’re all high fiving each other every day and this is all really good stuff, but sometimes it’s really exhausting too. In the end, what does it mean anyway?”

• I love Promise’s advice on how to break up with a client lead that’s just not a good fit.

• The 2012 logo trend report is out!

• Elsie of A Beautiful Mess just write a great article about failure, success and moving forward.

• How to Be an A-List Blogger: One Simple Step is a pretty good read but equally as so are the heartfelt comments.

• Has the internet run out of ideas? “We’re now at the stage where we should be getting the next wave of disruptive surprises. But – guess what? – they’re nowhere to be seen. Instead, we’re getting an endless stream of incremental changes and me-tooism.”

• Designers, how do you go about landing interesting work?

• AIGA NY has opened a store celebrating its 30th anniversary.

• Cary Tennis always keeps us on our toes: I’m rich, privileged and drunk.