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Link Love: 5.31.12

link love

link love

So ready to blast off to LA! Source.

• I love this quote about having a vision for your life.

• People want jobs that make a difference, even if it means a pay cut.

• Freelance designer Jessica Commigore shares her top 5 workflow resources.

• Advice on living the creative life from Neil Gaiman is fantastic. I especially liked this statement: “Say “no” to projects that take you further from rather than closer to your own creative goals, however flattering or lucrative.”

• If you’re inked, Tamera’s Tattoo You post will make you smile. The comments are great, too. I’m tattoo-free but my husband has about a million and that’s just fine with me!

• Elsie and Emma share their top 10 tips for time management.

• Pretty awesome: a photo of MGM’s stable of movie stars taken in 1943.

• If you’re looking for an extra special font for your next project, Ten Dollar Fonts has some great options, all for a total bargain.

• The best rejected New Yorker covers!

link love

• There’s something about these organic black and white graphics that’s totally captivating.