Link Love: 5.24.12

link love

link love

Vogue China, June 2012

• Kris Atomic shares her favorite iPhone photo apps with TONS of before and after shots. And if you’ve ever seen her photography, this girl knows her stuff!

• Here’s some wonderful advice for young designers.

• As a freelancer, how do you manage emails?

• Pugly Pixel shares a quick and easy tutorial on how to replace backgrounds in Photoshop.

• In If You Love Her, Let Her Grow, Gareth, the other half of Rock n Roll Bride, shares what it’s like when your partner is running an online business full-time and how to support them in their endeavors. Such an insightful post!

• 14 really cool business card designs.

• Rob Giampietro has some great advice for designers getting ready to start their own studio.

• If you’ve ever used Flickr to store your photos (I still do, especially because it allows private folders), this is a really good read: How Yahoo Killed Flickr and Lost the Internet.

• Create because you can.

• Happiness doesn’t depend on what happens. This is such a hard lesson to learn!

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