Link Love: 5.10.12

link love

link love

Vogue China, March 2011.

• If you read just one thing this week, start with Things I’m Afraid To Tell You, bookmark it and then work through the series. Why? 50 bloggers have decided to get real and share stories or experiences that they were previously afraid to put out there. It’s a brilliant reminder that we’re all truly connected and that blogs only offer a small glimpse into our daily lives.

• 33 must read books for entrepreneurs.

• How to start your blog with a bang!

• A lot of people are getting burnt out on social media chatter. It’s relentless. I like what Jenna of Sweet Fine Day had to say: “There is so much chatter over what we’re working on, where we’ve been, where we’re going, who we’re hanging out with, what we’ve accomplished and we’re all high fiving each other every day and this is all really good stuff, but sometimes it’s really exhausting too. In the end, what does it mean anyway?”

• I love Promise’s advice on how to break up with a client lead that’s just not a good fit.

• The 2012 logo trend report is out!

• Elsie of A Beautiful Mess just write a great article about failure, success and moving forward.

• How to Be an A-List Blogger: One Simple Step is a pretty good read but equally as so are the heartfelt comments.

• Has the internet run out of ideas? “We’re now at the stage where we should be getting the next wave of disruptive surprises. But – guess what? – they’re nowhere to be seen. Instead, we’re getting an endless stream of incremental changes and me-tooism.”

• Designers, how do you go about landing interesting work?

• AIGA NY has opened a store celebrating its 30th anniversary.

• Cary Tennis always keeps us on our toes: I’m rich, privileged and drunk.

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