Daily Archives: May 1, 2012

The Typofiles #102: J. Crew Style Guide

Remember my post a few weeks back about subscribing to free catalogs for inspiration? Well, this is one of the issues I’ve received since then. Honestly, you can’t really ignore a catalog that shows up in your mailbox with a blazing deep tangerine cover proclaiming, “NICE TO MEET YOU.” I was smitten from that alone!

J. Crew has a knack for curating the basics into lust-worthy objects of desire and, well, they know what they’re good at. In this latest issue, J. Crew says, “Today, we’re so much more than a catalog — in fact, we hear it from you every day…so really, we’re just catching up with you by calling this book what you’ve been calling it for some time: a style guide.”

The type treatments, photography and layouts feel worthy of a glossy fashion magazine moreso than a catalog so I can see why they’ve elevated it to a ‘style guide.’ Designers, if you’re ever working on any look books, this is a great starting point for inspiration. I especially love the spread featuring a grid of swimwear options (above). They keep it simple with their layouts. Nothing more, nothing less.

J. Crew knows its audience and has fun with the basics without feeling overly trendy. The tone of their style guide matches this aesthetic perfectly and needless to say, though I don’t own much in the way of J. Crew, I’m a big fan of their design aesthetic. Get your copy of the catalog here (because there are a ton more pages that are just as awesome lurking inside).