Link Love: 4.26.12

link love

link love

Great Adventure by Leah Flores

• Five manifestos for the creative life.

• Life is empty at the top. When you’ve seemingly reached all your goals, what do you do next?

• Whether you realize it or not, most small business owners share the same struggles. It’s important to reach out and build a community.

• Designers, what do you do when a client keeps changing their mind?

• Why do people comment on blogs? Is it bad if they don’t?

• Gala bravely wrote about a topic that is often surrounded by a lot of stigma: cutting and self-harm.

• Have you heard about it’s a website that features mixes created and designed by designers. I’m excited to dig in!

• I love the bold colors and debossing used throughout the Department stationery.

• Adobe Creative Suite 6 is out (what? already?!) and has a fresh new look!

• There are only so many hours in a day. How do you beat the social media monster?

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